Drilling Additives, Oils and Stain Removal

RoundOne Drilling Solutions stocks various drilling additives and hammer oils:

  • Drilling Additives for Rotary Mud Drilling
  • Hammer Oils

Stain Removal:

Tired of having to repaint your walls due to iron stains?

Manufactured in simple spray on bottles to remove existing stains, or supplied as a chemical dosing system for irrigation purposes.

The product will prevent the iron in your irrigation water from staining your walls.

The product is bio-degradable and non-carcinogenic.

Not harmful to plants!

Spray Bottles:

  • Available in 1ℓ and 5ℓ Spray Bottles and 25 litre constainer

  • Removes existing rust stains on walls in minutes

  • Simple spray on solution

  • Simply spray and leave on the wall.  Watch the stain disappear in minutes.


  • Spray product evenly onto stained surface and leave to dry.  The surface does not need to be washed after application.

  • Stains will lighten immediately and continue to lighten with time.

  • For best results, spray product during early morning or late afternoon to reduce chances of evaporation.

  • A second coating may be required for tough stains.

  • Stain removal to remove brown iron staining on walls, paving  from well points and borehole water sold in 1 litre, 5 litre or 25 litre containers.

Email cindy@roundonedrilling.co.za for more information or for a quotation.