Environmental Drilling / Remediation Drilling

Environmental Drilling projects require comprehensive and technically proficient execution of soil and ground water investigation tasks. RoundOne Drilling Solutions offers a wide scope of drilling techniques and skills to undertake environmental drilling and sampling work of any type and scale of project.

RoundOne Drilling has three multi-task drill rigs in operation. All three are designed for limited access sites without comprising on power. They can construct wells using Hollow Stem Augers to a depth of 21 meters.  For deeper drilling, wells up to 120 meters can be drilled using air percussion or mud rotary techniques.

The use of an imported European Overburden Drilling System allows us to drill and simultaneously case through boulders and building rubble (odex-drilling). The casing can then be retracted after well insertion or sampling has been completed. RoundOne Drilling Solutions conduct their work at the highest level of safety and professionalism.

Consulting Companies that have used us on their projects include:

  • Kantey and Templer Consultants
  • GPT Consultants
  • Umvoto Africa (Pty) Ltd
  • SRK Consulting
  • Sillito Environmental Consultants
  • Active Mechanical Services Group (AMS)
  • 7 Sea Geoscience
  • MT Development – Pretoria for Dolomite Samples and Investigation

If you require monitoring wells, remediation drilling, sample drilling, test holes for your environmental project then please contact us for a quote or consultation.