Existing Borehole Rehabilitation / Cleaning / Servicing

Our specialised borehole servicing team will clean and rehabilitate your existing borehole.

When should you Rehabilitate/Clean or Service your existing borehole:

  • When you have had your borehole for over three years
  • If you have moved into a property that has a borehole but you have no details about the borehole
  • When your borehole starts to give problems like decrease flow or pressure e.g. if your tanks are taking longer to fill up, or your sprinkler looses pressure
  • If you have a high iron content in your water e.g. you get brown staining on your walls, then you should clean your borehole every 2 years (depending on the severity of the iron)
  • If your pump keeps burning out or having to be replaced too often

What is entailed when we Rehabilitate/Clean a existing borehole:

  • Over time the PVC casing can get blocked by encrustration, iron bacteria build up, over pumping, etc.
  • By servicing and cleaning your borehole you can restore the flow rate and extend the life of your pump
  • We clean out the borehole using a high pressure industrial compressor
  • We then clean any build up which can restore the flow rate to its fullest potential
  • You are then issued with a borehole certificate stating the borehole depth, borehole yield and GPS Co ordinates, this is great for future reference (to show your pump maintenance contractor) or if you ever sell your property it is advisable to inform the purchasers of the borehole details.

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