Anchor Pile Drilling / Foundation Anchor Holes / Solar Farms

RoundOne Drilling Solutions has two track based drill rigs that were specifically designed for Anchor Pile Drilling on the Eskom Transmission Power Lines.  They are compact and designed to move over all terrains especially mountainous and difficult access terrain.  We have drilled Anchor Piles on various Eskom Transmission Power Lines which include the Hydra Perseus 765 kV Lines, Gamma Kappa 765 kV Line, Neptune Vuyani 400 kV Line, Kappa Turn-in  400 kV Lines to name a few. We can drill various anchor pile sizes ranging from 50mm, 100mm and up.

Some of our Clients include:

  • KEC International
  • Jyoti Structures
  • Stefanutti Stocks
  • Babcock International – Ntuthuko Powerlines

If you require anchor pile drilling including drilling solutions for Solar Farms for your construction project then please contact us for a quote or consultation.

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